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We create a pet-friendly environment in residental blocks, offices and public spaces

We create a pet-friendly environment in residental blocks, offices and public spaces


to create areas that are attractive for pet owners and comfortable for other users of the area

Pet-friendly environment - it is an infrastructure:

formal and informal playgrounds and training grounds, routes for walking with a pet, all the necessary little things that make a walk comfortable and safe;

Pet-friendly environment — it is a services:

pet-friendly cafes, restaurants, hairdressers, pet shops and veterinary clinics within walking distance;
A pet-friendly environment — it is a culture of responsible ownership:
open communication between owners, understanding and taking into account the needs of pets, conflict-free interaction with other visitors of public spaces
Our findings indicates that more than 75% of respondents take into account the quality of the pet-friendly environment, when choosing a place to live

Products and services by Urban Pet

Assessment of the pet-friendly environment of residental blocks and offices with recommendation for improvements
We carry out assessment and certification of pet-friendly environment of residential blocks
Infrastructure for walking and training pets
We design and manufacture modern grounds for walking and training pets and other equipment to create a comfortable environment for pets in residential blocks
Comprehensive development programs for the pet-friendly environment of residential blocks and urban areas
We develop comprehensive programs for the development of a pet-friendly environment, including proposals for infrastructure filling of the environment, socio-cultural programming, attracting operators and specialized tenants
Creating of a pet-friendly office environment
28.6% of respondents would like to take a dog with them to work, but do not have such an opportunity.

We will help prepare your office for a comfortable reception of four-legged guests. We will offer solutions for premises, an educational program for employees and staff.
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